Sunday, April 1, 2012


A long time ago I learned there was a difference in meaning between the words uninterested and disinterested. The former implies a lack of interest and the latter is more associated with impartiality. Although it seems to me there is an increasing ambiguity between the meanings as oftentimes I hear disinterested used interchangeably with uninterested. What I find particularly humorous is how the use of the word disinterested is an attempt by the user to seemingly elevate their language. Why use the word uninterested, they must be thinking, when disinterested seems so much more ... educated? But I digress.

I love clever. Clever gets me everytime. Because clever means smart and I am attracted to smart. Just ask Jon. So when I first heard of Pinterest I thought, "That is clever." The name explains the premise and intent so perfectly, as do Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Google. But not Google+. I don't understand the point of Google+. Just by hearing the name Pinterest however I understood its concept. I didn't understand why one needed an invitation, unless it was a veiled way of letting the cool kids have a go at it first. Early adopters can get burned though, remember how cool Groupon and Netflix used to be? Or even worse, MySpace. Now, not so much. But with invites firmly in hand from various sister-in-law/facebook cronies/college roommates I ventured over to take a peek.

And that's when my interest in Pinterest skipped right over disinterest and clung desperately to uninterest. It was as though Dorothy had walked out of her black and white Kansas farmhouse and into the world of Oz only to politely thank the munchkins and the Good Witch Glinda for their hospitality, turn and hightail it back to where she came from. Seriously, how would I ever get anything done for the rest of my life? I could feel my project pile slowly crushing me the longer I stayed discovering all the new things I liked.

Once I took an online quiz aimed at helping the taker discover their style, whether it be traditional, contemporary, or modern. After taking the quiz and answering pages of interior design and decorating questions, the answer came back undecided. That's right, I had confused the computer program. Is it wrong that I like everything? Once I went to a craft day at church having signed up for all the projects. All the projects are currently unfinished, sitting in what I affectionately call "The Craft Room." But what I really mean is "The Room Where Good Ideas Get Started And Then Go To Die." Once I tried redecorating our house but got so bogged down in the details, it took years to eventually regain full use of the dining room, family room, a bathroom (the one with the only shower) and one or three of the bedrooms.

Someday maybe my uninterest in Pinterest will become disinterest. I'll be able to objectively observe all the creativity that so effortlessly streams through the site. But until that day I'll have to find pinspiration the old fashioned way - my own imagination.